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Petal Sage Waffle Pajamas

Petal Sage Waffle Pajamas

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Romper or footie – your choice. A sleepwear marvel that combines comfort, style, and convenience. Crafted with a silky waffle-textured bamboo rayon, this pajama offers exceptional softness and breathability. Changes are a breeze while keeping baby covered for easiest access diaper changes with our exclusive DIAPER-ZiP®. Just flip the footie when the littles want to walk or for extra warmth. Embrace our Waffle Pajama, ensuring your little one's sleep.

• unique waffle weave enhances breathability, ensuring optimal airflow for a cozy night's rest.

• DIAPER-ZIPPER means the easiest changes while baby stays covered + cozy

• Fold over optional hand mittens to prevent scratching, added warmth, up to 9M

• Use it as a footie or a romper - your choice, with fold over foot cuff. o Breathable material for baby's sensitive or eczema skin and temp control o NO added chemicals. These PJs adhere to the tight fitting regulations for sleepwear

• Lap shoulder neckline for easy on and off

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